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EnfieldChildren's Services Procedures Manual

Welcome to the Enfield Children's Services Procedures Manual

This version of Enfield Children's Services Procedures Manual has been developed to provide an easily accessible version of the guidance and procedures practitioners will need to refer to carrying out their daily tasks.

It replaces all previous versions of the procedures, please update any short cuts or saved links you may have used in the past.

This manual links to a web-based version of the London Child Protection Procedures, which you can navigate in the same way as the other chapters in these procedures. To access the London Child Protection Procedures, click on the button below.

The manual also contains links to the resources library where you will find a great deal of useful support of information on a wide range of topics.

This manual will work on most devices, computers, tablets or smart phones. If you encounter any problems please scroll to the bottom of this page and check that the viewing screen is correctly configured to your device.

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